Luo Fu Senior High School


School Campus

Luo Fu Senior High School is located in Fuxing district.  The school offers near-school enrollment in Fuxin

Campus Size: 960 Meter Square


 Students & Class Specializations

Total Student Size: 51
Total Classroom Size: 3
Vocational Divisions Only
With 2 Tourism Industry Classes and 1 Restaurant Management Class in Grade 1

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History & School Motto

Located in Fuxing District, Luo Fu Senior High Schoo was founded in 2021 as the only senior high featuring hospitality learning and aiming to develop local tourism and indigenous cultures in Taoyuan. The curriculum emphasizes the profession and skills in not only hospitality and tourism disciplines but conceptual design in the hope of equipping students wiht more competitiveness. 

School Motto:
Warm, Active, Real, Merry