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Yang Mei Senior High School


School Campus

Yang Mei Senior High School is located in Yang Mei district, South High mountain area. 

Campus Size: 50000 Meter Square


 Students & Class Specializations

Total student size:1700+

Total classroom Size: 48

With Regular Class and Vocational Class

Each Grade With:

Regular Class

Computer Science Class (Vocational Class)

Electronic Engineering Class (Vocational Class)

20200318 楊梅觀議課_200319_0015.jpg

History & School Motto

Founded in 1948, named as Yang Mei Junior High School .

1951: Established  high school division, the Taoyuan County Yang Mei Junior High School was renamed Taoyuan County Yang Mei Middle School.

2000: After the reformation of school system, renamed to National Yang Mei High School.

2018: Renamed  into Yang Mei Senior High School.

School Motto

Love yourself, love the school, love the country.

Yang Mei Senior High School: In the Press
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