Ping Zhen Senior High School


School Campus

Ping Zhen Senior High School is located in Ping Zhen District. The school used to be middle school with both junior and high school division, now the junior high school division operate independently known as Ping Zhen Junior High School. 

Campus Size: 26485 Meter Square


 Students & Class Specializations

Total student size: 1700+

Total classroom Size: 48

With Regular Class Only

Class 1-13 Regular Class

Class 14 Art Specialty Class

Class 15 Physical Education Specialty Class

Class 16 Baseball Class


History & School Motto

Founded in 2000: Named “Taoyuan County Ping Zhen Middle School”. In September, the first high school freshman was officially recruited.

2014: it was renamed TaoyuanPing Zhen High School.

2018: Renamed into Ping Zhen Senior High School.

School Motto

Honesty, Integrity, hardworking and diligent