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Guan Yin Senior High School

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School Campus

Guan Yin Senior High School is located in Guan Yin district, that offers graduates from Guan Yin  District, Zhong Li District and Xin Wu District.

Campus Size: 33000 Meter Square


 Students & Class Specializations

Total student size:

Senior High School Division 850+

Junior High School Division 700+

Total classroom Size:

Senior High School Division 27

Junior High School Division 25

With Both Regular Class and Vocational Class​ Division

Each Grade with 4 Regular Classes, 2 Chemical Engineering Classes, 2 Multimedia & Animation Classes and 1 PE Specialty Class

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History & School Motto

Founded in 1955, named Yangmei Middle School Guanyin Division.

1957: Renamed into Taoyuan County Guanyin Junior High School.

1968: Renamed into Taoyuan County Xinpo National Middle School.

2014: Renamed into Taoyuan City Guanyin Senior High School.

Guan Yin Senior High School: In the Press
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