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The FET (Foreign English Teacher) program, is a government sponsored program that promotes a bilingual learning environment, that strives to strengthen the English proficiency level in high schools in Taoyuan.

TEACH TAIWAN is the leading education agency that provides assistance in applying for official documents such as VISA, Alien resident Certificate (ARC), as well as accommodations and orientation that help successful applicants to settle in. The FET program brings job opportunities in Taiwan for qualified foreign English teachers.  To be eligible for the program, applicants must be in possession of an undergraduate degree or higher from a recognized institution, be a certified teacher with at least two years teaching experience and have no criminal record. Initial teaching posts are for one year (January to the following December), with the possibility of renewal at the end of that period.

The salary for FET applicants are as follows:

Holders of doctoral degrees: NT$ 73,025 – 91,420 per month
Holders of Master's degrees: NT$ 69,965 – 86,820 per month
Holders of bachelor's degrees: NT$ 62,720 – 78,045 per month

(The base salary will also be adjusted according to applicant's teaching experience in Taoyuan's senior high schools) 

Teachers are entitled to annual leave, a flight reimbursement, an accommodation stipend, selected health care insurance and a performance bonus that can be received if conditions are met.

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