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Daxi Senior High School 


School Campus

Daxi Senior High School (abbreviated DXSH), located in Daxi District of Taoyuan City. DXSH is a community high school that offers graduates from Daxi District, Longtan District and Fuxing District.

Campus Size: 29752 Meter Square


 Students & Class Specializations

Total student size: 1200+

Total classroom Size: 33 (11 classes in 

each grade)​ With Regular Class Division only.

Each grade with

10 Regular Classes

1 Physical Education Specialty Class


History & School Motto

Founded in 1964,was restructured from Taoyuan County Dahan National Middle School in 2008. 

School Motoo:

Justice, Integrity, Diligent

Daxi Senior High School: In the Press
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