Xin Wu Senior High School


School Campus

Located in Xin Wu District, Taoyuan City. It is a public high school offers near-school enrollment for Xin wu and Guanyin District.

Campus Size: 32000 Meter Square


 Students & Class Specializations

​Total student size:

Junior High School Students 800+ (31 Class)

Senior High School Students 300+ (14 Class)

Total classroom Size: 41 , With Regular Class Division Only

Class 1-9 Junior High School Grade 1 

Class 1-10 Junior High School Grade 2

Class 1-11  Junior High School Grade 3

Class 1-5 Senior High School Grade 1-2

Class 6 Physical Education Specialty class

With 2 Special Education Class for both Grade 1 and Grade 2



Founded in 1957  was named Taoyuan County Xinwu Junior High School.

2014: Renamed to Taoyuan City Xinwu National Middle School.

2017: Transformed into Taoyuan City  Senior High School. It officially began to enroll the first high school freshmen, while the old campus became affiliated junior high division.