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Zhong Li Commercial Senior High School


School Campus

Located in Zhong Li District, Taoyuan City, is a public high school offers near-school enrollment for Zhong Li, Bade and Nei Li District.

Campus Size: 33000 Meter Square

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 Students & Class Specializations

Total student size:1900+

Total classroom Size: 54 (18 Class each Grade).

With Regular Class Division and Vocational Class Division

Class 1-4 Business and Economics Class (Vocational Class)

Class 5-9 International Trade Class (Vocational Class)

Class 10-12 Data Processing Class (Vocational Class)

Class 13-14 Comprehensive Vocational Class

Class 15-18 Comprehensive Regular Class


History & School Motto

The school was founded in May 1954 and is a vocational school in Taoyuan District. 

1985: Established International Trade Section.
1988: Established Data Processing Section.
1989: Establised Business Management Section.

2000: Reformed and named Zhongli Senior Business Vocational School.
2018: Renamed Zhongli Commercial High School.

School Motto

Justice, Honesty, Diligent and Commitment

Zhong Li Commercial Senior High School: In the Press
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