Nei Li Senior High School


School Campus

Nei Li Senior High School is located in Zhong Li District, most students come from Taoyuan and Zhong Li district.

Campus Size: 40982 Meter Square


 Students & Class Specializations

Total student size:2200+

Total classroom Size: 57

With Regular Class Division Only

(16 Regular Class and 3 Specialization Class)

Class 1-16 Regular Class

Class 17 (Grade 1) Language Specialty Class

Class 8 (Grade 2 & 3) Language Specialty Class

Class 9 (Grade 1-3) Math Specialty Class

Class 19 Art Specialty Class


History & School Motto

Founded in 1999, Nei Li High School was the latest national high school in Taoyuan City. 

2000: Renamed National High School.

2015: Became a sister school with Japan Tamagawa High School.

2018: Rrenamed Nei Li Senior High School.

School Motto:

Optimistic and enterprising, pursuing excellence