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Longtan Senior High School

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School Campus

Longtan Senior High School is located in Longtan district. It is the oldest high school in Taoyuan. It is close to Longtan lake and Longtan Intersection. It has good traffic and can lead to Kansai, Puxin, Daxi and Shimen Reservoirs.

Campus Size: 99000 Meter Square


 Students & Class Specializations

Total student size: 1400+

Total classroom Size: 45

With both Regular Class Division and Vocational Class Division

Each grade with:

Regular Class Division

Comprehensive Vocational Class Division

Landscape Gardening Class (Vocational Class)

Horticulture Class (Vocational Class)

Fowl and Livestock Health Care Class (Vocational Class)

Food Processing Class (Vocational Class)

Mechanical Engineering Class (Vocational Class)

Electrical Engineering Class (Vocational Class)


History & School Motto

Founded in In 1924, named Longtan Agricultural Tuition School.

1946: Renamed  Longtan Agricultural Specialized School.

1971: Renamed Longtan Senior Agricultural Workers Vocational School.

2014:Renamed National Longtan Senior High School.

School Motto:

Honesty, Simplicity thoughtfulness and diligent

Longtan Senior High School: In the Press
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