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Yung Feng High School: In the Press

Yung Feng High School


School Campus

Yong Feng Senior High School (abbreviation YFMS ), 

is a public high school located in Bade District. 

Most of the students come from Bade, Nei, Pingzhen and Datun district. 

Campus Size: 37900 Meter Square


 Students & Class Specializations

Total student size:

Senior High School Students 1300+

Junior High School Students:1600+

Total classroom Size: 

35 Classes in Senior High School Division

39 Classes in Junior High School Division

With Regular Class Division Only​

Class 1 ~ 12 Regular Class (Grade 1)

Class 1 ~ 10 ​Regular Class (Grade 2 &3 )

Class 13 & 11 Physical Education Specialty class 



Founded in 1999, the first complete middle school in Taoyuan County. It is one of the few public high schools in Taoyuan City that has both senior and junior high schools.

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