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Yang Ming Senior High School

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School Campus

Yang Ming Senior High School is located in Taoyuan district. It is adjacent to the Taoyuan Supervision Station of the Ministry of Communications and the Taoyuan City Taoyuan Special Education School. It was nominated as one of the top 4 schools by Taoyuan City Government (With Wu-Ling High School, Taoyuan High School, and Nei Li High School) .

Campus Size: 60000 Meter Square


 Students & Class Specializations

Total student size:2100+

Total classroom Size:60

Regular Class Division Only

Each Grade with
19 Regular Classes
1 Art Specialty Class


History & School Motto

Was founded in 1990, named "Taiwan Provincial Taoyuan Second High School".

2000: Renamed the National Yang Ming High School. 

2018: Renamed Taoyuan City Yang Ming Senior High School.

School Motto:

Act diligent and with honesty, be a shining Yang Ming person.

Yang Ming Senior High School: In the Press
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